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If you are considering bankruptcy due to unexpected medical bills, job loss, as a result of divorce, economic downturn, or other unplanned or uncontrollable event in your life, you are not alone. Our Utah bankruptcy attorneys have helped hundreds of honest and hard-working people get the financial relief they need to rebuild their lives and credit. Bankruptcy is the legal system’s honest and acceptable way for you to take control of your finances and get the relief you and your family need and deserve. We strive to first understand your situation and then help you understand the best course of action to get your finances back on track.

Compassionate & Understanding

We know that facing bankruptcy is a difficult and stressful time.  That’s why we make the cost to file bankruptcy both simple and affordable. We can help you with a flexible payment plan or an affordable low upfront cost emergency filing. We offer the most flexible options to pay for the costs of bankruptcy of any bankruptcy law firm in Utah. You take control by tailoring the costs to best fit your needs. Schedule a Free Bankruptcy Evaluation to see just how affordable we make the cost to file bankruptcy.

Founder & Managing Member

Utah Bankruptcy Attorney Russell B. Weekes

“Capstone Law focuses its’ practice on bankruptcy and debt relief because we know how financial difficulties can impact every aspect of a family’s life. As a result, we treat each case and client as if it were our own.”

– Russell B. Weekes, Utah Bankruptcy Attorney

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There are reasons that Capstone Law helps more people get financial relief in the State of Utah. Find out why.

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Affordable Bankruptcy: File With $0 Down

Our Affordable Bankruptcy Program will help you…

Overcome Upfront Cost Obstacles

File Fast
$0 Down Bankruptcy

Don’t Be Fooled By other $0 Down Ads

Capstone Law offer an authentic $0 down chapter 7. Other firms say they offer a $0 down option, but it only applies to chapter 13 cases or only applies to their attorneys’ fees. Which means you still have to pay the court filing fee and other expenses upfront before your case can be filed and creditors stopped. Our $0 down option means what you think it means: we file the case with $0 down, including costs.

Capstone Law offers the
Lowest Cost to File Chapter 7 in Utah

STOP Wage Garnishments

When your bankruptcy case is filed with the court, an automatic stay immediately becomes effective. The automatic stay is an injunction against your creditors from any collection activity and any wage garnishments must be stopped.

STOP Repossessions

Automobile repossession are stopped as soon as your bankruptcy case is filed with the court. In some cases we can even recover a vehicle that has already been repossessed by filing for bankruptcy.

STOP Foreclosure

The bankruptcy automatic stay will also stop a foreclosure. In some cases the foreclosure will only be temporarily delayed while in other cases we may be able to restructure the amount you are past due, so that you can retain the property.

STOP Creditor Harassment

When your bankruptcy case is filed creditors must stop contacting you and cease any attempt to collect the debt. That’s how powerful the court’s automatic stay is.

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I can't thank you enough for the help you've given me with this bankruptcy issue. It has been one big ordeal for me. Now I can sleep and breath with ease. I don't know how a nice person can get into such a situation.  I do really appreciate your help, and will surely refer you to anyone in Continue Reading

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