Debt Settlement Attorney

Are you overwhelmed with your loans and credit card debts?

If you are struggling to pay off all your creditors, you might need a debt settlement attorney’s help who can consolidate all your debts, reduce them or put you on a payment plan. But you don’t need just a lawyer – you need an experienced and knowledgeable professional who has the best strategy to minimize legal risks!

What does a debt settlement attorney do for me?

First of all, you need to understand what a debt settlement lawyer does for you in these challenging and stressful times. Sure, you can settle your financial problems on your own and negotiate with your creditors, but this might be a dangerous idea. Why? Because skilled debt settlement lawyers have excellent negotiation skills with years of experience in the field. They also have extensive knowledge about debt collection laws and legalities, plus they can represent you in case you will be faced with lawsuits.

In our years of experience, we have seen how different each client’s case is. That is why we customize or personalize our legal approach after fully analyzing each situation to get favorable results. Our goal is to get our clients out from their financial troubles – from negotiating with their creditors, lowering their debts, seeking the best options like filing for bankruptcy if needed, and avoiding lawsuits.

Debt Consolidation Lawyers

If you have multiple unsecured debts with high interests, debt consolidation may save you significantly in interests, as well as simplify your payments. What we can do is to review your situation and advise you if debt consolidation is the best way to solve your financial woes. We also present various options based on your case towards your recovery from these challenges and finally restore your financial health.

How does debt consolidation work?

Did you know that many people are not aware they are paying high interests and substantial billing charges in unsecured debts? And when they add the sum, they realize they are paying too much! If you are one of them, you need to understand how debt consolidation may help you.

In debt consolidation, you find a lender with lower interests willing to loan you enough money to pay off all your creditors through a low monthly payment. Remember that some of these lenders don’t require security, but most require it for you to get the loan. Because of this, some clients pursue a second mortgage, which can be risky. This is where skilled debt consolidation lawyers come in – to give you effective advice so that you obtain the loan without future legal risks and your credit score suffering.

One of the risks in resorting to debt consolidation though, especially without a lawyer, is that these debt consolidation companies don’t actually give you loans to cover your debts. Instead, they just collect monthly payments from you, distribute some to your creditors, and take some for themselves. Obviously, this type of program hurt your credit more. That is why it is important to look for accredited lending institutions with lower interests.

Debt Negotiation Attorney

A debt negotiation attorney contacts your creditors individually so you may stop making monthly payments to save up for several months, and then pay them off with a lump sum, usually at 40% or 60% of the loan balance.

Do you need a debt negotiation attorney?

Let’s be clear here: you don’t need debt relief law firms to negotiate with your creditors as mentioned earlier. But whether you will succeed or not is unsure. Imagine being chased by your creditors with non-stop phone calls and even threatening you with lawsuits due to your large unsecured debts. At this point, you are tempted to enlist a debt settlement lawyer but are skeptical because you might think it is so expensive that it adds up to your outstanding obligations.

Now, let us give you some scenarios where enlisting skilled debt negotiation or settlement lawyers might be the best decision.


Your wage is at risk for being garnished

In some cases, your creditors can go after your earnings if your debt is unsettled for a long time. In other words, it could go directly to your creditors, which could worsen your finances.

You have a substantial debt

If you owe a creditor $2,000, you can negotiate with them even without an attorney wherein you can offer $1,000 to settle that debt. But if you have a debt amounting to $20,000, hiring a lawyer who is knowledgeable about these cases is very helpful.

Your creditors filed a lawsuit against you

Just like you, your creditors also have rights and they may bring your debts to court if they are unpaid for too long, or you fall behind on your payments. You know hiring a lawyer who could represent you makes sense.

You want to file for bankruptcy

If your financial situation has come to a point where you are thinking of filing for bankruptcy, you may want to seek advice from a debt settlement attorney first before making that decision. While filing for bankruptcy might be a solution to your problems, there are consequences that you might have to go through: more expensive and it can stay in your record for up to 10 years.
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