Low Cost Bankruptcy in Utah

Introducing: $550 Down Bankruptcy in Utah

Special, Limited Time Offer!

Need to file bankruptcy...or think you might…but think you can’t afford it?

Think again. We have solved your problem.

You can now for a limited time file bankruptcy for $550 down. If you qualify (and many people do),* you only have to pay $550 to get your case filed. This is not a gimmick to get you to file chapter 13 when that isn't in your best interest...this special, limited time offer also applies to chapter 7 cases.

It's True, Low Upfront Costs to File Bankruptcy in Utah

If your wages are being garnished (usually 25% of your gross check), you will quickly realized how difficult it is to file bankruptcy with a traditional bankruptcy attorney who requires the full payment upfront. We understand this difficult and usually impossible situation. That's why we offer our Affordable Bankruptcy Progam that allows you to get your case filed for as low as $550 upfront! Once your case is filed, garnishments, foreclosures, law suits, and other collection activities must legally stop!

Your Best Interest IS Our Interest

Many bankruptcy attorneys offer low cost bankruptcy offers...only if you file chapter 13. That's because chapter 13 cases are more profitable and because the bankruptcy rules make it easier in chapter 13 cases to take a low fee upfront. On the other hand, other bankruptcy attorneys will only offer chapter 7 services because chapter 13 cases are more complicated. Our practice is very balanced between chapter 7 and chapter 13 cases. With us, you can always rest assured that we will always recommend the chapter that best suits your individual situation! That's because we understand that not everyone needs or should file chapter 13 and vice versa. We have also taken the time and care to design a flexible low cost upfront payment option...even if you file chapter 7.

Chapter 7 Payment Terms

Virtually no other bankruptcy lawyer in Utah will file your case without the full amount up front. In chapter 7 cases, the bankruptcy rules ensure that nearly all bankruptcy attorneys require the full attorney’s fees to be paid upfront. We know how difficult it is to come up with $1,500 or more Up-front fees and costs to file bankruptcy. That's what makes our program so incredible! We have taken the extra care and effort to ensure our $550 down option is available for chapter 7 cases as well!

If you chose the Affordable Bankruptcy Program option, and you pay $550 to get your case filed. After the case is filed and garnishments, foreclosure, collections, law suits and other collection activies have stopped, you will create a payment schedule to pay the remaining fees and costs. The minimum monthly payment is $225 for 6 months. There is no interest or fees on these payments so long as all the payments are on time. We debit the payments directly from your account on payday to help make sure you never miss a payment!

This is a limited special offer…and will last for at least this month…so act fast!

Affordable Payment Plans

We understand that most people needing to file for bankruptcy in Salt Lake City, Provo, Ogden, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, West Valley don't usually have the money to pay the amount of money that attorneys typically charge upfront. That's why we offer low cost affordable payment plans. Get rid of harrassing calls from creditors while making a payments to get your case filed.

Reasons for our Low Cost Bankruptcy:

  • - Stop a garnishment immediately
  • - Begin establishing credit sooner
  • - Stop a foreclosure immediately
  • - Stop a repossession
  • - Reduce the time to file
  • - Get back a repossessed vehicle that would otherwise be lost
  • Chapter 13 Payment Terms

    After the initial $550 (which primarily covers court costs), our fee will come directly out of the bankruptcy process when your chapter 13 plan is approved by the court. If we file a chapter 13 plan that reduces the amount you would pay… brings mortgage or car loan arrears current, or restructures your debt AND gives you a repayment plan that really works that is acceptable to the court, THEN we’ll get paid. If we’re unsuccessful we don’t get paid. Our success is contingent upon your success! We only get paid when you are successful. That's a true win-win!

    More About Low Down Chapter 13 Bankruptcy cases

    There are four types of consumer bankruptcy: chapters 7, 11, 12 & 13. Most consumers do not qualify or it is otherwise undesirable to file under chapters 11 and 12. Thus, most consumers file under either chapter 7 or chapter 13. Our $50 Up-front Bankruptcy special applies to the power of chapter 13 as well as chapter 7.

    Chapter 13 has more tools in the tool belt…to deal with:

    1. past due mortgages or auto loans;
    2. underwater property;
    3. protect against future medical debts; and
    4. repay taxes under the protection of bankruptcy.
    Rest assured that with our firm, we will always recommend that chapter that best applies to your individual situation.

    *Qualifications for the Chapter 7 Program

    To qualify for the $550 Down Program, you must (1) be employed and have regular income (Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to make your remaining payments). If your income is irregular, we can discuss a possible sitution with you; (2) have a checking or debit account from which we can setup automatic payments (chapter 7 cases); (3) it is feasible to pay your past-due mortgage, auto loan, or taxes along with administrative expenses within 60 months (chapter 13 cases); (4) you don’t owe our law firm any money for a prior case; (5) You have a valid email address; and (6) You sign up with us before this offer expires.

    Is There a Discount in Chapter 7 if I Pay Upfront?

    Absolutely! If you pay the full chapter 7 retainer upfront, we will give you a $400 discount! You can even pay for the full amount in simple, convenient, and affordable payments. The discount only applies if you pay the full retainer before we file your petition.

    Get your case filed now by calling us at 801-657-5074 or completing our web form >> today!

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