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Are you in need of experienced bankruptcy professionals around Sevier Utah? Helping thousands of individuals and businesses – small or big, we have a team of well-established and trusted lawyers to consolidate, reduce, and eliminate debt.

It is not too late! Save your homes and preserve your home equity. We can file a bankruptcy case for you immediately, to stop all creditors from non-stop telephone calls and legal actions including, garnishment, foreclosure, seizure of assets, repossession, IRS levies, and most importantly, lawsuits.

Whether you had emergency expenses or you lost your job, falling behind on your loans, bills, and other financial responsibilities is extremely stressful. Did you know that debt has put a strain on people’s relationship with their loved ones? Before it happens to you, you have to do something – put an end to all your financial troubles!

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Free initial consultation and planning session wherein we answer all your questions.


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What is Bankruptcy?

If you think that hiring a bankruptcy lawyer cuts you from charges, this could be a huge mistake. In fact, it saves you money, as well as a lot of aggravation. To understand better, let us explain in simple words what bankruptcy in Sevier Utah means.

There are two most common types of consumer bankruptcy: the chapter 7 and chapter 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

It lets you eliminate all types of unsecured debt, like medical bills and credit cards. You are required to liquidate and sell all your assets, except those that are listed in the Sevier Utah exemptions. Remember that some debts cannot be discharged in this type of bankruptcy, including alimony, fraudulent debts, child support, certain taxes, certain items discharged, and student loans.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This allows you to offer payment within a period of 3-5 years from your future income. You can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to avoid a house foreclosure, pay back taxes, make up missed car or mortgage payments, keep valuable non-exempt properties, and stop interest from accruing on your tax. Note that you must have a regular source of income to be eligible to file for this type of case.

Bankruptcy Lawyers In Sevier Utah

We all know that filing a bankruptcy is the best way to get out of a tiring and burdensome debt. Just imagine your relief when your bankruptcy case is over. Unfortunately, not all bankruptcy lawyers are experienced to win your case. Honestly, the process of filing your case is daunting, starting from filling up of forms to appearing in court with your attorney.

That is where we come in. We ensure that you will go through the process without getting stressed, with all the possible help we can extend.

So, why us?

We Understand your Situation

With many years of experience, we have helped many people cope up with their financial losses and rebuild their lives. We will review and study your case carefully, as well as your capacity to pay, so that we can effectively adjust the cost of your bankruptcy and consolidate or reduce your debt.

We Offer Free Advice

If you think you can never get out of your debt, small or huge, our office offers competent free consultation and assures you that there is a way to defeat it. We also walk you through what you should expect once you decide to file a bankruptcy case.

Although we have discussed Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 above, we will also examine if another type can help you achieve your financial goals. We never give up!


We will detail one by one what you can expect during the process.


We will be honest and tell you whether your case involves risks and difficulties.


We are available through calls and emails to promptly answer any questions you may want to ask regarding your case.

We Ensure Filing Bankruptcy Case is Easy for You

With the help of our knowledgeable and supportive staff, we make sure that the process of bankruptcy filing is convenient, affordable, and stress-free for you. We will guide you all the way to make sure you get a favorable result. Our commitment has always been to maintain a customized and professional legal approach to each case we handle because we believe every case is different. The entire team is your advocate, advisor, and friend in this challenging time.

We Make Sure You Comply With All the Requirements Needed

Bankruptcy cases can be dismissed without discharging your debt if you do not comply with all the state’s requirements. That is why we make sure that we inform you about all the documents needed and other administrative matters in filing.

Completing pre-bankruptcy credit counseling six months before filing your case.


Sevier Utah’s 2005 Bankruptcy Act says that the court will analyze your income and expenses for the past six months to determine which type you should apply for.


Gather paperwork and itemize your current income sources, monthly living expenses, major financial transactions for the past two years, secured and unsecured debts, and all assets and possessions. This also includes your tax returns for the last two years, documents of any loans you have, deeds to any real estate you own, and cars.

We Protect your Properties

Although some properties are protected by some Sevier Utah exemptions, as experienced lawyers, we ensure that you take all you are entitled to. We also make sure that you will lose little or no non-exempt properties, as well as avoid unexpected losses.

We Handle the Paying of your Debts

As excellent lawyers, we will thoroughly examine what types of debts you have that could be discharged and at the same time, we will determine whatever debt remains. In addition, we will also help you settle and negotiate your debts and find ways to avoid other debts in the future, including prioritizing your expenses, setting up a budget, and cutting spending where possible.

In our past experiences with other clients, we take pride in making sure that they did not pay one creditor a bigger amount than other creditors before filing for bankruptcy. That’s what we are going to do with your case, especially with your friends or family. In this circumstance, it can be considered as a preferential transfer, wherein the bankruptcy trustee may even file a lawsuit to recover money that should have been distributed evenly among all creditors.


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