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Stop Foreclosure in Utah With Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can immediately stop foreclosure in Utah when a loan modification or other means cannot. That’s due to bankruptcy’s automatic stay, which immediately prohibits creditors from taking any collection action against you–including foreclosure as soon as your bankruptcy petition is filed with the court. This may provide the relief that you need to get your finances in order. To determine whether bankruptcy will enable you to keep your home depends upon a number of factors. You can read more on our blog. Our experienced Utah foreclosure attorney can help you determine if your home or other property may be saved.

Chapter 13 to Stop Foreclosure in Utah and Keep Your Property

The power of chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you if you are behind on your mortgage or automobile payments and you want to keep your property; Chapter 13 may be just the solution you need. In a Chapter 13, the mortgage arrearages may be paid over the course of a three to five year repayment plan allowing you the needed time to get your finances in order and keep your most valued possession. In addition, if your property is worth less than the amount you owe it may be possible to reduce the amount you owe to the value of the property.

What is the Foreclosure Process in Utah?

Like most western states in the United States, Utah recognizes Deed of Trust, which is a legal instrument similar to a mortgage but allows the creditor to foreclose non-judicially instead of requiring a law suit to foreclose. Deeds of Trust simplify the foreclose for the creditor and remove other protections to the homeowner. As a result nearly all creditors will foreclose by following Utah foreclosure statutory framework. In general this requires a Notice of Default and Election to Sell the property to be recorded with the County Recorded. The creditor then must wait at least 3 months to allow time to resolve the arrearage. Then the creditor must notice a date and time of the sell in a newspaper of general circulation and a notice must be posted on the property. At the designated date and time the property is sold to the highest bidder. A bankruptcy case that is filed prior to the foreclosure sell stops and invalidates any foreclosure sell following the filing.

Stop Foreclosure, Wage Garnishment & Creditors

We can help you stop foreclosure, stop wage garnishment, stop eviction, and stop creditor harassment and get the debt relief you need.

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Capstone Law offer an authentic $0 down chapter 7. Other firms say they offer a $0 down option, but it only applies to chapter 13 cases or only applies to their attorneys’ fees. Which means you still have to pay the court filing fee and other expenses upfront before your case can be filed and creditors stopped. Our $0 down option means what you think it means: we file the case with $0 down, including costs.

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STOP Wage Garnishments

When your bankruptcy case is filed with the court, an automatic stay immediately becomes effective. The automatic stay is an injunction against your creditors from any collection activity and any wage garnishments must be stopped.

STOP Repossessions

Automobile repossession are stopped as soon as your bankruptcy case is filed with the court. In some cases we can even recover a vehicle that has already been repossessed by filing for bankruptcy.

STOP Foreclosure

The bankruptcy automatic stay will also stop a foreclosure. In some cases the foreclosure will only be temporarily delayed while in other cases we may be able to restructure the amount you are past due, so that you can retain the property.

STOP Creditor Harassment

When your bankruptcy case is filed creditors must stop contacting you and cease any attempt to collect the debt. That’s how powerful the court’s automatic stay is.

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Russell and his team made my situation nothing short of amazing…. I have already referred a friend and would refer any family and friends to him and his team.

J.C.Draper, Utah

We absolutely LOVED our experience with your law firm.  Everyone made it so much easier for us to go through our financial burdens in a much more calmer approach with filing chapter 7 bankruptcy.  THANK YOU for all that you do! We have [already] referred 2 clients to your firm.

M. S.Salt Lake City

Weekes Law helped me through my bankruptcy I was so nervous about my situation they were so great in answering all my questions. I recommend them to anyone they are fast and a professional team who care about there clients and what they are going through. Thank you  Weekes Law!

S. M.Eagle Mountain, Utah
“Thank you so much for everything, I will give a good referral to my friends and family who need to file bankruptcy about your firm.
I want to thank you also cause your office is casual and you make people feel comfortable.”
D.PLehi, Utah

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