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Don’t Be Fooled By Other $0 Down Ads

Capstone Law offer an authentic $0 down chapter 7. Other firms say they offer a $0 down option, but it only applies to chapter 13 cases or only applies to their attorneys’ fees. Which means you still have to pay the court filing fee and other expenses upfront before your case can be filed and creditors stopped. Our $0 down option means what you think it means: we file the case with $0 down, including costs.

Capstone Law offers the
Lowest Cost to File Chapter 7 in Utah

Get The Help You Need Fast With Our Simple Process

Chose Your Upfront Payment Amount

We are so committed to making it as flexible as possible, we let you chose a low cost upfront payment amount $0 or $500. Our goal is to making filing bankruptcy as simple, affordable, and convenient as possible. That’s why we’ve spent so much time finding ways to make it easier for you.

Provide The Essential Documents & Information

In order to file your case, we need the essential documents & information. We tell you this information in advance, so you can have everything in order to file quickly.

  1.  Copy of your driver’s license for each party filing.
  2. Copy of your social security card (or original W-2) for each party filing.
  3. The last 7 months of all pay for each party filing.
  4. Copies of your state and federal tax returns for the 2 most recent years filed.
  5. Completion of our Questionnaire.
  6. Completion of the credit counseling course (you will receive instructions in a subsequent email).

Stop Garnishments, Foreclosure, Eviction, or Repossession

As soon as your case is file the automatic stay goes into effect, which stops garnishments, foreclosure, eviction, creditor harassment, repossession, and other creditor collections.

No Games, No Gimmicks & No Hidden Fees!

How Long With The Special Pricing Last?

This is a special offer…and will last for at least this month…so act fast! This special program may not last forever, so if you don’t want to miss out, you need to call now. Our initial consultation is free, so schedule a consultation with us today!

Program Qualifications

To qualify for this incredible special offer you must meet these guidelines.

*Minimum Qualifications: (1) You have a job; (2) you have a checking account or debit card form which your monthly payment can be automatically deducted; (3) you can pay $200 per month after all your necessary expenses; (4)  You sign up with us before this offer expires; (5) you have a guarantor; and (6) any other requirement deemed necessary to ensure qualification.

STOP Wage Garnishments

When your bankruptcy case is filed with the court, an automatic stay immediately becomes effective. The automatic stay is an injunction against your creditors from any collection activity and any wage garnishments must be stopped.

STOP Repossessions

Automobile repossession are stopped as soon as your bankruptcy case is filed with the court. In some cases we can even recover a vehicle that has already been repossessed by filing for bankruptcy.

STOP Foreclosure

The bankruptcy automatic stay will also stop a foreclosure. In some cases the foreclosure will only be temporarily delayed while in other cases we may be able to restructure the amount you are past due, so that you can retain the property.

STOP Creditor Harassment

When your bankruptcy case is filed creditors must stop contacting you and cease any attempt to collect the debt. That’s how powerful the court’s automatic stay is.

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